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Video game companies hate for used game sales

My latest workplace conversation with a good friend included things such as an anti Sims game with a premise that included giving digital citizens the plague, and oh yeah,  he's real pissed about the idea of having to pay $10 for online access after buying a used game. Quite honestly paying that $10 is a bigger slap in the face than recieving the plague gift wrapped. R&R has been known to call bullshit and today is one of those days. I couldn't agree more and for one enormous pretentious reason- it's the developer's way of getting back due to their general hate for the used video game market. It's been a long time complaint often leading back to Gamestop and the growing popularity of the used game market over the years. Here at R&R we've retained some basic economic principles brought to you by the public school system and maybe some of that college shit.

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