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Skullgirls release date and chances at success

While it seems to be officially unofficial, the release date for Skullgirls is April 4th. We haven't seen a hard yes from Reverge Labs but that date would fall on a Wednesday which follows the usual Xbox Live Arcade routine. As you may well know this is really the first fighter to be made by fighting game fans for fighting games fans. Skullgirls is loaded with innovative features like an online training mode, extensive tutorial and an engine designed to recognize infinites due to Mike Z's influence. Despite all this, questions still remain. Can Skullgirls be successful coming from an independent company and sporting an all female cast?

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Diablo III release date, dear lord thank you blizzard

Well boys and girls it's been announced, Diablo III will be launching May 15th this year. While we've been slaves to Blizzard time, I have to say I'm as excited as I though I'd be. Digital pre-sales are available now and I encourage everyone to do the right thing and pre-order their copy, perhaps here or at Gamestop. There's a lot of things to be said after years of waiting; Christmas in May, asskickery, next level shit, Blizzard time sucks and the list goes on. Point being R&R is too excited for this release, days will  disappear and friends will be lost. Follow us on twitter @askrandr for all the latest updates on shit that matters.