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SWTOR Patch 1.2 is Godlike

Incase you have been living under a rock R&R wants to bring you SWTORs new trailer for patch 1.2 and we say this shit is GODLIKE! Patch 1.2 is bringing so many new things to the table that I figured I should say something after the video. Watch it now and then read the real opinions that matter below, ours.

Now that your all done watching it we'll speak up. You'll notice in the lower right of the video there is a pause button and we recommend using it to look over the screens closely. 

1. When talking about the armor matching you will notice little circles next to each piece of gear. Our guess is you can choose which pieces will match your chest piece. Also they seem to have added the ability to turn off your helm from this window versus having to go through preferences. 

2. Legacy family tree has some interesting bits in it. For example you can attach other characters to each other as if they are married, friends, siblings, child and we thing the others are contracted and friends. This could make for some amazing RP possibilities.

3. It looks like legacy will unlock powers for all classes like FORCE CHOKE! "Is Wayne Brady gonna have to choke a bitch?"

4. Textures are finally being updated. Sooo many chest pieces look like ass since the textures blur.

5. People riding on the top of walkers! That is so bad ass we shouldn't even have to explain it.

6. Was that a mail box on a starship? Can we say awesome.

We could go on and on about everything Bioware is bringing but the bottom line is this game launched in December and in 3 months they have done more than almost any other MMO. Bioware the next beer is on us.