GDC is our Christmas!

We have been to the wonderland known as the Game Developers Conference in San Fransisco. This conference is by far my favorite of all time...well next to the AVN expo because that shit is full of booty. Really though, GDC is the time of the year that we finally get answers to all those rumors we have heard and today that’s what we are going to look into. What are gifts we want from our Santa Clause known as GDC to leave under the tree.

Follow along and put your two cents in on anything you have heard, oh and read what the hell I have to say.


Valve reportedly working on "Steam Box" console

I think it should be painfully obvious by now that 99% of what Valve does turns into gold so why doubt them when they decide to make a new console? It's been Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo for years now and it's hard to believe anyone else could make it on the scene. Verge first reported that Valve has been working on a hardware spec along with the software to create a console made to compete with the three big dogs. Several other discoveries have lead up to this such as Valve putting in for a patent on a controller with swappable parts and the idea that the AlienwareX51 may have been an early design for the Steam Box. Two things stand out amongst all the info, simply put-biometrics and no licensing fees to make new software for the platform. No devkits and the idea that Valve wants to make a truly open platform makes is refreshing. Biometrics in the form of a bracelet or directly attached to the controller? Yes Valve, I'm listening. Biometrics would let the game know the player's heartbeat among other things and open up a world of possibilities. It's all speculation at this point but Valve does shit right so stay tuned for more updates from R&R. Follow us on twitter @askrandr because our opinions are superior.



Fighting Game Controversy

Considering myself apart of the fighting game community I feel obligated to not only post this video but address the controversy recently seen here on Kotaku. Some sexually explicit and racey material was used on Wednesday Night Fights by it's commentators this week. Now it's become a huge story within the community and sites such as I think we can be honest with ourselves when we say that this kind of language is everywhere and at every gaming event imaginable. Hell we encourage derogatory terms here at R&R but there's always a place and a time for such things. Despite the ill advised comments on a stream sporting 14k viewers, the situation has been blown out of proportion on both sides.

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New Diablo system and skills

Blizzard decided to release some new skills (most not seen in beta) a few days ago for Diablo 3 and I must say the game still looks fun as hell. I know it's surprising that Blizzard has released anything let alone something about Diablo 3, mostly because they run on Blizzard time. Thus far I'm enjoying the art style and the overall look of the game. All I can say is I wish R&R could have made it into the beta. There's a wide range of skills shown in the video from the Wizard's disintegrate, to the Barbarian's earthquake, and Blizzard decided to show us some new environment and enemies as well. I've been running through the forums for info as well impressions from beta testers. Having sifted through all of the piss poor spelling and mind numbing bitching without justification I've found most enjoy the new route the franchise has taken. If you haven't read up on things yet Diablo 3 is huge change from the previous titles.

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Improve your work environment

So a friend of mine pointed me to this and I gotta say funny + awesome = FUCKING AWESOME. I mean reall? Beardly Mcturbin head? God Archer is hysterical. Just saying.