Improve your work environment

So a friend of mine pointed me to this and I gotta say funny + awesome = FUCKING AWESOME. I mean reall? Beardly Mcturbin head? God Archer is hysterical. Just saying.



Dick Email

Today I opened up my email for R&R with a beer and hand to reply publicly to this meaningless drivel. 

Dear shitty writers,

 Your opinions are nothing but self indulgent bullshit. I believe that you write these articles to make the people who read them angry with you. I say this because calling people cry baby bitches for not liking a game is immature and down right despicable. You should stop writing and let someone else take over your site.

Follow along to see my rant to this stupid dick.

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Syndicates and Miniguns. That is all.

Leather coats, sexy swearing, murdering civilians and weapons that make our M-16 look like nerf guns. That’s right my fantastic readers we are talking about Syndicate today. Back a few months ago we said, “Syndicate will be good because we said so”’s pretty damn fun and the music made by Skrillex was worth it even if the game sucked. Read along boys and girls.


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Claptrap does the robot and 87 bazillion guns

Yes, we have been waiting for this trailer for what seems like years. I'll be honest it didn't disappoint in the slightest either because of the large explosions or the R&R like humor. Feel free to ask if we directed that trailer...alright we didn't but Gearbox may have asked for some guidance. Borderlands was a top 5 release the past few years and if you disagree you're wrong. Oh you never played it? First off you should be ashamed of yourself and secondly you're not invited to the club meetings dick. Take a metric shit-ton of guns and add a loot driven system with just a hint of RPG elements and you'll find losing that day job easily achievable. If 87 bazillion guns wasn't enough for you we find claptrap doing the robot to dubstep. Clearly Gearbox has snuck in and stole our diary outlining our guiltiest of pleasures. America will see a release date of September 18th with the UK recieving their copy on the 21st. It's been a long wait but I can finally say "Hey Gearbox give me my damn diary back." You can follow us on twitter @askrandr so follow us because this is next level shit.


Persona 4 fighter looking better and better

I'm sure most of you RPG fans recall there Persona series and it's fantastic story telling. Truth be told I've only had the opportunity to play bits and pieces of the games but most swear by it. Aksys (creators of Guilty Gear and Blazblue) announced some time ago they were turning Persona 4 into a fighter. While I've had my doubts about it the more that's surfaced the better the game has looked. The newest combo footage draws a damn close comparison to Blazblue which is fine in my book. The boys at Aksys rarely fail if they ever have, fighters is what they do exclusively so we can bet on a fun experience at the very least if not competitive. Take a look at the video and tell me that shit doesn't look like fun? As always we will keep you updated on this so you don't have to find the info and be sure to follow us on twitter @askrandr.