R&R hiatus over 

It's been a while guys and we sincerely apologize for the hiatus the past month. While we rarely make excuses or apologize, shit has happened all at once this month including a big move, job interviews, eloping, strange marriage gone wrong and of course bar fights that included some but not all events of a Bruce Campbell film. R&R will officially call it a sabbatical due to how much better we've become since then. It's hard to believe but yes, the two brothers you call your friends have just improved greatly and little could stop them. Feel free to ask about the happenings during this hiatus/sabbatical but we don't recommend audiences under 18. Lastly there's a shit load of games coming out that have the chance to earn R&R's favor and support. Syndicate is due out to tomorrow with Mass Effect 3 following closely behind. Blazblue Continuum Shift Extend has made it out it's everything I could have asked for. Tournament footage will be coming up at the year goes along because let's be honest Tager is going to win a major this year. At the end of the day there's games to play and beers to drink...let R&R guide you through with superior opinions.


Music aiding in my asskickery 

I've been meaning to incorporate music more often into R&R. Music plays a huge part in gaming and there's still sound tracks gamers are listening to from the original Nintendo days. Despite this, I still feel a good song outside of the game can better the experience just the same. From time to time I'll put up something that's been playing in the background during all my matches and today that's Falling with Glory's new track From the Start. A local band from Windsor, Falling with Glory has been aiding me in beating ass all week long. It goes together you know, like Champagne and doggy style. Take a listen and enjoy because R&R is never wrong. You can find Falling with Glory on facebook and R&R on twitter @askrandr.


Triune Films: Tell

Well today R&R is bringing something a little special and it has nothing to do with gaming, but since we're running this bitch we can do what we want. So, what we have here is the trailer for Tell by Triune Films. These guys have been teaching the digital world how to shoot film, light sets and make movies through their chrarismatic podcast Film Riot. Now click play button and watch the horror unfold before your eyes.

And as for us at R&R we will be bringing you more awesome this weekend since the brothers are getting together in Michigain for drinking and some good old fashing ass kickery in SoulCalibur V!



Fuck you and fuck your phone

Ever have a moment when at the theater that some piece of shit answers a phone. Not once. Not twice, but three times! Well I have and this is what happens when you do that. Don't forget it. Time for another Words of Wisdom from yours truely. 



Fire Flower: Freddie Wong

You know, I have always want to be able to do this. Throw fireballs down a street liting an innocent person on fire. Actually, I have wanted it more for shitty traffic to nuke the car in front of me. Even better would be star power so I can just plow through them like bowling pins.

Freddie if your reading this I want a video of that shit right there. Cars flashing running down cars, trucks and semis to make it to work. 

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